Websites selling Big 6 Hearing Aids without face-to-face fittings

List of sites selling without face-to-face fittings

Which brands they are selling

Hearing Solutions
Direct Hearing
Discount Daily
Fix Your Ears
Precise Hearing
Online Hearing
Wholesale Hearing
Ion Hearing
Fit Hearing*
Reform Hearing
House of Hearing
Club Hearing
UPDATE FEB 3: Added Club Hearing. They sell Signia only.
UPDATE JAN 21: Added House of Hearing. They are based in Canada, but say they ship to the US and are currently running ads in the US.
UPDATE JAN 20: Added Reform Hearing. Says site built by AuDSEO. Says they sell Widex. Domain registrant listed in Wisconsin, although phone number appears to be based in Kansas City.
UPDATE JAN 7: Added Discount Daily Hearing. Appears to be the same organization as Discount Hearing. Both sites use same Shopify theme and have many of the same pages, content and verbiage on the sites. While some prices differ slightly, many are exactly the same between sites (for example, Phonak Marvel M90 price = $1709 on both sites). They say they can help arrange local service, but they ship direct (even international).
UPDATE JAN 7: Added Hearing Solutions Online. Their website says they sell Widex and Signia. The people on the website (and website design) match Somerset Hearing Aid Center in Somerset , KY.
UPDATE DEC 7: Ion Hearing added to the list. Says it offers Phonak, Widex and Signia. Also lists pricing for Oticon and Resound, although no add-to-cart option for those brands.
UPDATE DEC 7: Wholesale Hearing UK added to the list. Says it offers Phonak, Resound, Widex and Signia. Even though they have a UK Domain, their ads target US users and say they ship to the US.
UPDATE NOV 27: HearPlace added to the list. Says it offers Phonak, Resound and Signia.
UPDATE NOV 20: Direct Hearing has added Oticon hearing aids.
UPDATE NOV 5: It appears Precise Hearing is only selling legacy Phonak hearing aids.

*Fit Hearing offers local fittings as well as virtual fittings. According to comments posted on social media, customers choose the face-to-face fitting (local delivery) about 85% of the time. They do not consider themselves "DTC" because all hearing aids are fit through licensed providers, even though some fittings do not have a face-to-face component.

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